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    Startup Script to open TOP Hirarchy page automaticly?




      Is there a possibilty to open the top block page directly after starting DxDesigner. This would safe some mouse clicks everytime DxDesigner starts up.


      I tried:

      Dim vdapp : Set vdapp = GetObject(, "ViewDraw.Application")

      Dim sTopBlock

      sTopBlock = vdapp.GetProjectData.GetiCDBDesignRootBlock(vdapp.GetActiveDesign())

      Application.SchematicSheetDocuments.Open sTopBlock, "1"


      but this did not help.


      best regards



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          Hi Wolfgang,


          When getting a Design name by GetActiveDesign method, it needs to be selected in the navigator window.


          It is necessary to get a Designs collection by GetiCDBDesigns Method.


          Please set a sample script in Run on Startup.



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            Dim vdapp : Set vdapp = GetObject(, "ViewDraw.Application")

            Dim sTopBlock


            Dim Design_Coll

            set Design_Coll = vdapp.GetProjectData.GetiCDBDesigns()

            MsgBox Design_Coll.GetCount()


            Now this script was put under Run at StartUp entry in DxDesigner Setup.

            As DxDesigern starts up I try now to get the iCDBDesigns - but the collections is empty.


            No Project is opened until - after pressing the OK button it takes about 10 seconds and in the navigator window the selected project from dashboard is shown - but the top hirarchy page must be opened manually.

            This is what I would like to automate ....


            How to proceed?

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              This is what I have,  it is possibly not complete, I snarfed some code from what we use.

              Code is meant to create a 'top' sheet and open it, this to ensure that we allways have

              a 'fixed' name for the top sheet. A nice side effect is that this top sheet is allways opened when

              a project is opened.


              The 'Sub' makes it a trigger kind of thing that gets executed when a project is changed




              Sub Application_ProjectChanged(project)


              Set dxdApp  = GetObject(,"ViewDraw.Application")

                  schName = "top"

              Set prj     = dxdApp.GetProjectData

              Set Designs = prj.GetiCDBDesigns()


              If prj.AddiCDBDesign(PrjName) Then

                Call prj.SetiCDBDesignRootBlock(prjName & schName, prjName)

                Set schDocs = dxdApp.SchematicSheetDocuments

                If schDocs.InsertSheet(prjName & schName, "1") Then

                  set SchDoc = schDocs.Open(prjName & schName, "1")

                  set Block = Application.ActiveView.Block



                End If

              End If

              dxdApp.CloseProject            ' have to close and re-open to update navigator...



              Scripting.Sleep 1              ' need this, otherwise opensheet fails

              Call Application.SchematicSheetDocuments.Open(prjName & schName, "1")

              End Sub

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                This does not work anymore in EE7.9.4.


                Scripting.AttachEvents Application, "App"

                Scripting.DontExit = True


                Sub App_ProjectChanged(prjData)

                    Dim desns

                    Dim schName

                    Dim shetList

                    Dim schDocs, schDoc


                    ' Get Designs List

                    Set desns = prjData.GetiCDBDesigns


                    ' Get Schematic Name

                    schName = prjData.GetiCDBDesignRootBlock(desns.GetItem(1))


                    ' Get Schematic Sheet Documents

                    Set schDocs = dxdApp.SchematicSheetDocuments


                    ' Get Sheets List

                    Set shetList = schDocs.GetAvailableSheets(schName)


                    ' Open Schematic Sheet Document

                    Set schDoc = schDocs.Open(schName, shetList.GetItem(1))


                End Sub


                After calling this subroutine DxDesigner 7.9.4 ends in a crash loop - that means, creating mini dump restart creating mini dump restart ....

                When I deactivate the

                'Scripting.AttachEvents Application, "App"

                'Scripting.DontExit = True

                thing DxDesigner will start up as expected ....