An issue about migration from DA_LMS to DxDesigner

Discussion created by rachel_tian on Feb 23, 2012
Latest reply on Feb 24, 2012 by robert_davies

     When a customer translates a Board Station design from DA_LMS to DxDesigner, a multi-gate symbol has a wrong pin mapping after finishing translating from DA to DxD.


     I checked the issue in a test case. I found that the issue was due to the type of pin_no. If the type is string, there is no problem. If the type is number, all the gates of a symbol in dxd will be a same slot and have a same pin number. If the customer specified the slot for every gate in Da_lms, the type of pin_no will be number. The translate to dxd, there will be a wrong pin_no.


     So I think that it's an enhancement for the da-to-dxd translator. The customer wishes that our RD can deal with the issue. But I don't know which product I can submit the ER for the translator in the Idea website.