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Update symbol partitions

Question asked by charles.ietswaard1 on Feb 29, 2012
Latest reply on Mar 2, 2012 by charles.ietswaard1




In our library some symbols have been moved from one symbol partition to an other. For an existing schematic this means that for some symbols the symbol partion is not correct anymore.

In order to fix this i have installed the DXDAU scripts.


When i run the "Update Symbol Partition" I get a popup message asking me if I want to proceed. After clicking on the "Proceed" button, the script dies.



I have re-installed the .net framwork (4) but this doesn't help.



I am running 7.9.2, update8 on a 64bit Windows7 machine.  Is there anybody out there who experienced the same problem and found a solution the get this working?



Regards, Charles