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    LmTools & LmGRD going end-of-life


      With the end-of-life for LmTools and LmGRD, from Flexera, looming in the near future, will Mentor support the use of LmAdmin?

      If so, approximately when would this support start?


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          We are currently evaluating Lmadmin and doing our initial planning for the LMTOOLS and lmgrd EOL. We don't yet have an official project for transition so there's no timeline I can offer at the moment. As soon as we have one, it will be posted to this site along with any other communications on this subject. Please stay tuned.


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            Have you ever heard of CELUG? It is a user group that is working with the major EDA vendors and Flexera on the changes coming to license management to ensure that it remains useful to their customers. CELUG has presented the EDA vendors and Flexera a document about what we would like to continue to see in the new license management software. Flexera, Mentor and others met with CELUG via conference call earlier this month to talk about the document. If you would like to know more about it please join CELUG.com. I am on the steering committee for CELUG so I tend to bring it up at every chance but it is a great resource for license administrators as we cover all software vendors not just Mentor.


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              CELUG received the below today -


              Begin forwarded message from Flexera:



              > IMPORTANT UPDATE—Indefinite Suspension of lmgrd and lmtools

              > End-of-Life (EOL) On December 13, 2010, we announced the end-of-life of our lmgrd component of FlexNet Publisher. We received many requests to extend that date to allow ample time to incorporate lmadmin as a replacement. As a result, in April 2011, we decided to extend the end-of-life date of lmgrd. Upon further consideration,effective immediately we have decided to indefinitely suspend the end-of-life of lmgrd, as well as lmtools.


              Thought I would share this with everyone.