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Renaming Padstack Names via Script in Library Manager

Question asked by patrick.w.johnson on Mar 20, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 8, 2012 by nick_hong

I am writing a script that renames the padstacks in my library according to the IPC-7351 naming convention.  The script only runs with the padstack editor dialog box open.  It successfully renames the padstacks, but when I close the padstack editor dialog box, the cells no longer are associated with any of the renamed padstacks (cells are missing padstacks).  I tried the same script by opening the padstack editor dialog box in a Expedition design and running the script.  When I close the dialog box, an right-click on any padstack on the design, there is no name on the padstack.  If I open the Cell Editor dialog box in the Expedition design, I get a dialog "Replace Missing Padstacks" where I can associate the new padstack names with the old padstack names.


Is there a way to keep this from happening from within the script?  If I manually change the name of a padstack in the padstack editor dialog, the new padstack name is updated in the cell.  But this is not what happens when a script changes the padstack name.