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    Best way to handle fuse boxes?


      So what's the best way to handle a fuse box from both a design and simulation perspective?


      For instance, say we've got a 60 pin fuse box "connector" that can be populated any number of ways with fuses, relays, diodes and similar items that plug into the fuse box.


      It seems like such a waste to have to create a custom device every time we want a new configuration.  There also doesn't seem to be a way to connect more then one device to a connector, which is unfortunate because that would be the best way to do it.  We've already got all these fuse, relay and diode devices.  I was hoping we could just plug them into a 60 way connector in the right pins and be done with it.


      I know this can't be the first time someone's had to deal with a fusebox in VeSys 2.0.  What's the best method?




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          You may want to consider the following approach to this situation.


          For a 60 cavity "fuse box" device;


          A. Create the 60 cavity connector (comment) symbol



          B. Create the 60 cavity connector in Component Maintenance

          1. Include on BOM

          2. Associate with connector (comment) symbol

          3. Develop component information as required


          C. Create an electrical symbol for the "fuse box" device

          1. 120 pins (all external)

          a.  60 pins named to match the associated "connector" cavities

          b.  60 pins for the "plug-in" devices (fuses, circuit breakers, relays, diodes, etc)

          i.  grid locations to match existing electrical symbols that will populate the "fuse box"

          c.  Add Internal links to pair the pins


          D.  Create the "fuse box" device in Component Maintenance

          1.  Do not include on BOM (uncheck box)

          2.  Associate with the (electrical symbol)

          3.  Develop Footprint(s) to associate device with the 60 cavity connector

          a.  Match connector cavities only


          Assuming you already have the "plug in" devices in your component / symbol / analysis libraries, you will now have the necessary "ingredients" to develop the electrical design.  Simply drop in the "fuse box" device, generate harness connector(s), and "plug-in" the fuses, circuit breakers, etc.



          1. Multiple electrical symbols/devices may be required to support your required "fuse box" configurations.  Each configuration will utilize the same connector footprint(s).

          2. Cavity plugs may required to avoid incorrect component "plug-in" 


          Hope you find this information helpful.


          -James W