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How can I compare instance versus block property values to ensure they are in sync then how about between multiple schematic hierarchy levels?

Question asked by tbaker on Apr 21, 2012
Latest reply on Mar 21, 2013 by robert_davies

I have just learned how I can annotate an 0402 resistor in a block and then when I place that block into the schematic in multiple schematic spots, I can change the package "instance" value to anything I want for any of those level even though they point to the same hierarchy block.


I would like to know what the best practice is to prevent annotating into the schematic level instead of the block level. If there is no way to prevent this, how can I find components that have instance values that differ from the block values? How can I ensure that all of the same components in each hierarchy level are mirrored identically (aside from refdes) across several sections?


I am going to use the script to make all the refdes key off schematic locations and then run partlister. I will then line up the pages that are hierarchy levels and diff the properties. This seems quite painful, I am assuming there is a better more obvious way and I need to know the proper way of dealing with these hierarchy levels so that I dont run into problems in the future as this looks like an easy thing to do.