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Need replacement for old Connectivity Spreadsheet Editor (CSE)

Question asked by manuel.koch on Apr 27, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 28, 2012 by yu.yanfeng


in earlier versions of DxDesigner there was a table based entry method called Connectivity Spreadsheet Editor (CSE)

which allowed

  • fast entry of multiple net names
  • copy and paste from Excel


This was a huge time saver when connecting large symbols, especially if you had the data already in lists somewhere else.

Unfortunately this was removed and is no longer present in newer versions.


The new  ICT based design is no real option for us, because

  • the ICT viewer is read-only ==> useless for design entry
  • the new ICT based design might be nice for wiring single large symbols (FPGAs), but lacks many features of a traditional schematic, like
    • annotations
    • readability
    • grouping / visual elements
    • no interaction with schematics in the same project / sheet


Note: Other vendors (like Altium) realized that table based entry really increases productivity and provide extensive display/filtering/edting solutions for that.



Is there any other option in DxDesigner for efficient data entry?

Is there any automation solution that could add such a spreadsheet editor?