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    Tool for the EDA Tools report generation




      I am looking for stable and low cost tool for generating usage reports for EDA tools.

      pls suggest.


      Thanks and Rgds


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          just for better understanding.

          What should the tool do?

          Do you need something like a report how often a single license feature was checked out

          od do you intend something different?


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            yes, not only this ,


            a) Daliy/Monthly/Yrly usage of all Feature

            b) User id wise, Server wise ( where Applicaiton is running)

            c) Overall % of usage of each of the feature etc ..


            Thanks and Rgds


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              Mentor Graphics doesn't make recommendations for reporting tools but I can offer some technical details that may help you.


              FlexNet can write a report log for each vendor. This data is encrypted and can only be read by FlexNet manager. The data is also generated specifically for reporting so it's quite different than the data in the vendor daemon debug log. Mentor supports the writing of the report log but support for reading it with FlexNet Manager is handled by Flexera.


              Since the report log is encrypted, all other vendors that do FlexNet reporting use the debug log, lmstat or some combination of the two. Neither Mentor nor Flexera support the use of the debug log for reporting. Due to the complexities of licensing, some of the information in debug log may not reflect actual usage and can be misleading. The reporting vendors seem to have ways of dealing with this to varying degrees of success. Nevertheless, from our perspective, the debug log is for verifying and troubleshooting licensing only.


              I hope this helps you find a solution that works for you.


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                Following up on Guy's post. Flexera's Flexnet Manager is expensive but does the best job we have found out of all of them. There are other tools available but most require you to install a client on the user's machine to collect data. That is not possible in a large enterprise like Honeywell but in a smaller place it might be workable. Just be careful of the tools that use the debug logfile to create usage data as these are not as acurate as the encrypted reportlogs. We did a demo of one and it said we had double the number of licenses than we actually had. Flexnet Manager analzyed the same data and it was correct. I have been using Flexnet Manager in all its form for the last 15 years and while not perfect it is the best tool I have seen for large organizations.