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stitching vias - disappeared

Question asked by shoshi.mccammond on May 18, 2012
Latest reply on May 18, 2012 by RLS2004

I have been working on a four layer board  with Gnd plan on top and bottom.Once I pour the Gnd I put stitching vias


I had to work on the ground and  delete one of the tracks on the ground and I have notice that the some stitching vias has disappeared

That has been recurring often.


I have tried few times to repeat this and have noticed that if I connect the vias with tracks  to another via while the Gnd was already poured it’s keeps everything including vias in place .


But if I connect the via with a track to the other via while ground is not poured  frist it will  delete vias in some areas of the board. If you where working  on close zoom  you would not see that the via’s disappeared .

I have reported this to support.


Farther more when you verfiy your design /conectivity  and it comes up with no error - why i can still see some of the rates net on the GND?