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    attribute access disabled



      Using DxD PAD flow 9.4.1:

      In one of the projects, I cant access the components value, as if they are locked (appears in gray color).

      Even when I import a new component from the library with "?" in the value field, I can NOT access and change it.

      I don't have this problem in other products, and I've never face such behavoiur in the 8 years I am using DxD (ViewDraw).


      Anyone can advise please?





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          Hello Benny;  A new feature DxDesigner introduced in 2007 was managed properties.  Many companies found that there were misspellings and mixed case properties leading to errors in the schematic and final documentation.  By going to managed properties, these errors are eliminated through the use of dropdown dialogs and includes checking of the property values.


          The managed properties are called common properties, and unmanaged properties are "uncommon", which by your description is what you are seeing.  For the PADS netlist flow, common properties are controlled by a file called netlist.prp.  Mentor supplies a default file in the SDD_HOME standard directory, but each project can specify their own properties file.  The specified file is in Setup> Settings> Project.



          Once specified, a dialog to edit the properties file is found via the DxDesigner menu for the netlist flow at Tools> Property Definition Editor.


          For Enterprise Expedition customers, the file is specified and edited by the central library and is typically named centlib.prp.


          Checkout technote MG577291 at the following link for more information.


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            Thank you Gary for your fast response. I am aware to this netlist.prp file and to the property definition editor (I used it to adapt the attributes to my needs),

            however, it seems that this is not the issue here. ALL the projects points to the same netlist.prp file, still there is one project in which I cant change the components value.

            It is very strange, and I did not succeed to fine the difference in this project.

            I'll appreciate if you can direct me where to look for the difference that might cause this behaviour,

            Sincerely, Benny

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              Gary, I have to clarify that I just upgraded from 9.3.1 to 9.4.1, and this is the first project I created on 9.4.1. All others were created on 9.3.1 and migrated to 9.4.1.

              But - all the projects point at the netlist file located in 941\sdd_home\standard directory


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                Sorry, I can't help more.  At this time, you should create a service request.


                You might check your path, SDD_HOME, and wdir variables to ensure they are correct.