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How to add plated holes as part of a footprint without adding pins?

Question asked by dmeeks on Jun 7, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 8, 2012 by pcorbin

I am creating a new footprint for an RF component, and placement of grounding vias is critical. So I would like to include ground vias as part of the footprint for the component.

I have one pin assigned to the "ground" area for this footprint. I have associated copper on the top and bottom to this pin, and I need to add vias stitching them together.

Is there a way to add these vias to the footprint without adding extra pins?

If these vias must be called pins, will there be any problems caused by the extra pins that will not be part of the schematic symbol (decal)? Will the vias be preserved, and will they show up correctly in the drill file and n/c drill tape?