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Constraints on nets that belong to a bus are greyed out

Question asked by abalazs on Jun 21, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 28, 2012 by robert_davies


Version: 9.3.1 Update 3


I have a Hierarchical Schematic and some of the blocks have bus connections in between. If I push into one of those blocks and try to assign constraints to the nets that belong to the bus, it  does not let me, it's greyed out. This is illustrated in the attached JPG file.


( If the connection between two blocks is only a net than if I push into one of the blocks that has the net constraints can be assigned to the net. )


Now if I select the same block from the "Non Root Blocks" constraint can be assigned to nets that belong to a bus.  I would then expect that the constraint I added to the net on the Block level would show up on the net when I push through the Hierarchical block, but it doesn't.


The problem is similar to Brian1's:


Any help/workaround will be appreciated.