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Global TAPs not working in DxD 7.9.3EE

Question asked by alex2 on Jun 22, 2012
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I'm testing a project template for use on a new design starting now.


I have run into problems when testing connectivity established using global nets.


I have created some nets terminated in the vcc and gnd TAP symbols suppied in the installation libraries and have been following AppNote 10770 throughout. There are nets connected to these TAPs on the top level and on one sheet at the level below top.


The TAPs are included in the Special Components Power and Ground categories.


Unfortunately, this doesn't work as expected, with the following symptoms:

  1. The Tools/List Global Nets command states there are no global nets at any level in the design.
  2. The nets connected to the TAPs still have their default names 1$Nxxxx
  3. The nets are not connected in the interconnect table.

This is preventing a start being made on the schematic capture.


Can anyone suggest what I might try next?