Library Manager: Copy Parts (Advanced Library Services)

Discussion created by jeremy_parker on Jul 12, 2012

This script allows users to copy parts (PDB) from one Central Library to another without copying the associated symbols and cells.  Library Services always copies the associated symbols and cells when copying parts, so this script was developed to handle situations where a part needs to be copied but the symbol and cell are already in the target library.  Copying an already-existing symbol or cell to the target library causes the time/date stamp to be updated, so users may prefer to copy just the part in order to avoid giving the impression symbols and cells have changed when they really have not.


This is particularly useful when doing incremental library translations, for example from DA/Board Station to DxDesigner/Expedition.  In order to translate a part (PDB), the associated symbol and cell must also be translated, even if they previously have been translated.  If the symbol and cell have previously been translated and are found in the target library, the librarian should copy just the newly translated part to the target library without copying the symbol and cell.


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Requires Microsoft .NET Framework 4