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Mentor Routing Meter, or Routing Assistant how to find it

Question asked by gary.felsman on Jul 26, 2012
Latest reply on Jul 27, 2012 by robert_davies

Dear Sir:


I was using mentor Expedition EE7.9.2. And at one time I had a dialog box up showing the current state of the trace and how it was matched to the contraints


The tool had three bars on it.


Current length of trace along with target length if any both high and low


Differential pair tolerance if used.


The longest net in a given group.


Once  I closed it, I could not find it again to turn it back on.


Any help in finding this tool again would be greatly appreciated.


It is not the tuning meter check box on the Display control.


I know it was an icon on the toolbars but can't seem to find which one it is.


Thanks in Advance.




Gary Felsman