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How to update the library source

Question asked by v.anisoveca on Aug 2, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 3, 2012 by robert_davies

I am using DxDesigner and PADS Layout software. After finishing the schematic and PCB design I decided to clean up all the files and folders. In the result I want to move the library files to another folder. Will this make an impact on my design (both schematic and layout)? I have tried to change the Symbol Libraries (Setup -> Settings -> Symbol Libraries) to new location. But when I reopen the project it shows an error: "Invalid library path: E:..." and when I open Symbol Libraries, there is no new added libraries... What I am doing wrong?

About the PADS Layout, is it enough to change the library source (File -> Library... -> Manage Lib.List...) for completed design? Will it than refer to NEW added library instead of OLD one, which I will delete later?