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    How to troubleshoot non-convergent simulation?


      When trying to run the Simulator Tool I keep receiving this error.

      SERIOUS ERROR -> spice simulation failed.  Check for non-convergent simulation due to use of 0.0 resistance values.

      Non convergent simulation.JPG


      I understand that this error is the same as seeing


      Berkeley SPICE 3f5(err): run simulation(s) aborted

      Berkeley SPICE 3f5(err):


      in the Dynamic Simulation tool.



      How do I go about diagnosing and fixing this error?



      In the past I have seen that increasing the 'Zero Resistance' value in the System Preferences > Numeric > Simulator Settings can fix the problem. 


      However, this does not always fix the simulation error.


      (if you do not know what the System Preferences are look up "Edit Options" in the user manuals.  The name has not been updated in the manuals.)