How to debug non-texted shorts using Calibre RVE

Video created by swilliam on Oct 7, 2014

    In addition to the texted shorts that are caught as part of the extraction process, there are non-texted shorts generated during the

    comparison process. Non-texted shorts are actual connectivity issues that have been analyzed and found to be a short by the comparison

    process. Once all of the texted shorts have been corrected, users can begin debugging these comparison errors, which can sometimes be tricky

    to correct. In this video we will learn how to use Calibre RVE to quickly debug non-texted shorts. Overview: To help fix non-texted

    shorts, users can use Calibre RVE to see a visual representation of the layout and source netlists used in the LVS run, and debug LVS

    discrepancies by comparing the source and layout schematics side-by-side. These schematics are especially valuable to designers when

    schematics are not otherwise available for debug (e.g., Verilog). Tools Used in the Video: Calibre DESIGNrev, Calibre LVS and Calibre RVE.