PartQuest changes for Xpedition VX.2.7 and PADS Pro

Video created by Gary_Lameris on Mar 6, 2020

    Improving the usability of PartQuest, VX.2.7 introduces Drag and Drop of parts to Xpedition and PADS Pro.  Select a part with a symbol and footprint, verify the partition name is correct and just drag the part image into Designer schematic. 


    The parts are placed directly into the project library, and differentiated with red icons in the Library – Parts or in Drop Search.  You can drag parts one at a time or create a Project in PartQuest and drag all parts at the same time


    There is no need for PartQuest integration utilities, but in your profile verify your partition and property setup matches your current properties to populate. 


    For the latest information checkout the help link in the upper right of the PartQuest webpage.